We specialize in providing the following services to our clients:

Filing Tax Returns in India
  • Tax computation and tax planning
  • Preparation of books of accounts
  • Obtaining PAN Card
  • Obtaining Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) for UAE Residents
  • Determining residential status
  • Advising on Double Tax
  • Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) benefits
  • Advising on responding to income tax notices
  • Representing in front of income tax officer for assessment and Tax audit
FEMA Services
  • Advising on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and
  • Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)
  • Advising on investment under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)
  • Filing for FC-TRS, FC-GPR etc
  • Filing Annual Performance Report (APR)
Converting NRO funds to NRE
  • Advising on how to convert NRO funds to NRE
  • Assisting in preparing set of documentation and Issuing Chartered Accountants Certificate form 15CB / 15CA
Advising on buying / inheriting of property in India
  • Tax planning using leverage and other planning tools
  • Assisting in payment of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) u/s. 194-IA
  • Reporting of TDS in Form 26QB
  • Generating TDS certificate (Form 16B)
  • Advising on permissibility and reparability of funds as per FEMA
  • Advising on documentation and record
Advising on selling / gifting of property in India
  • Computation of capital gains and tax planning
  • Computation Circle rates / Stamp duty value
  • Claiming re-investment benefits
  • Claiming DTAA benefits
  • Advising on permissibility and repatriablity of funds as per FEMA and
  • Advising on documentation and records
Special package for Returning Indian
  • Advising and assistance in determining residential status
  • Tax planning with due consideration to assets held outside India
  • Advising on FEMA compliance
  • Maintaining records of Income and assets and
  • Disclosure and reporting of Income/assets to concerned authorities
UAE / Dubai
  • Identifying most suitable legal structure (LLC, Civil Company, FZC, FZE, Branch or Liaison office of foreign company)
  • Identifying most suitable region and authority (Mainland or Free Zone Company)
  • Assisting in setting up Bank account, obtaining Immigration Card and residence Visa
  • Advising on structuring the Capital and agreement with UAE sponsor
  • Management & Secretarial Services.
  • Identifying most suitable legal structure (Pvt. Ltd. Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Branch or Liaison office of foreign company)
  • Identifying most suitable region and authority (Special Economic Zones, States, Land requirements) 
  • Advising on Tax / FEMA incidents on legal structure
  • Assisting in registering with Tax authorities and other departments
  • Advising on structuring the Capital and Debts
  • Management & Secretarial Services
  • Identifying most suitable territory for setting up offshore company (BVI, UAE, Seychelles etc)
  • Assisting in formation of company and its annual compliance
  • Directorship services
  • Assisting in management of its operation
  • Management & Secretarial Services
  • Assisting in book keeping
  • Preparing management information system (MIS) report
  • Assisting in arranging audit report in UAE
  • Assisting in making Power of Attorney (POA) in India
  • Assisting in making of Wills in UAE and India
  • Assisting in registration of Patents, Copyright and trademark in India and Internationally
  • Advising on structuring business transactions in most tax effective manner
  • Advising on giving and receiving gift in India
  • Assisting in obtaining resident visa in UAE
  • Family office services