Accounting and VAT services

    VAT Services

  • UAE VAT Compliance including dealing with;
          - VAT Registration
          - Preparing VAT Returns
          - VAT Refunds
          - VAT Deregistration
          - Voluntary Disclosures
          - Filing of Reconsiderations with the FTA
          - Assist in VAT audits
  • VAT Health Check Up & Risk Management
  • VAT Consultancies on simple to complex transactions
  • VAT Compliant Accounting
  • Regular VAT Reviews
  • One to One training on VAT

    Other Services

  • Special package for Returning Indian regards to Tax planning with due consideration to assets held outside India.
  • Maintaining records of Income and assets and
  • Disclosure and reporting of Income/assets to concerned authorities
  • Assisting in making Power of Attorney (POA) in India
  • Assisting in making of Wills in UAE and India
  • Assisting in registration of Patents, Copyright and trademark in India and Internationally
  • Advising on giving and receiving gift in India
  • Assisting in obtaining resident visa in UAE