NRI Tax and FEMA services

    Permanent Account Number (PAN)

  • Apply for new PAN manually or electronically,
  • Re-application for PAN Card where PAN is already allotted but card not received or lost,
  • Correcting PAN data and requesting for new card
  • Surrender of duplicate PAN
  • Surrender your existing PAN to close your tax file of India.

    Sale, gift or exchange of immovable property in India

  • Advising on TDS u/s. 195 like rate of TDS and amount on which tax is to be deducted,
  • Obtaining order u/s. 197 for lower or nil deduction of tax,
  • Advising on valuation of property and arrangement for valuation report if required,
  • Tax planning and computation of Capital gains,
  • Advising on re-investment options for claiming exemptions,
  • Assisting in investments in tax exemption bonds,
  • Advising on DTAA benefits and assisting in obtaining TRC,
  • Assisting in payment of advance tax and self assessment tax (if any),
  • Repatriation of sales proceeds (net of tax / re-investment) to NRE account or outside India,
  • Filing Income Tax returns in India, claiming tax refunds / make tax payments,
  • Claiming credit of Tax paid in India in country of your residence (if required) and claiming DTAA benefits (if any),
  • FEMA advisory on sale of agriculture or plantation land or farmhouse.

    Purchase, gift or exchange of immovable property in India

  • Advising on requirement of TDS before paying consideration,
  • Assisting in filing form 26QB or 27A and generating form 16B or 16A for TDS compliance,
  • FEMA advisory on purchase of immovable property with repatriation rights,

    Filing of Income Tax returns

  • Obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN) if not already obtained,
  • Tax computation, claiming tax refunds and tax planning,
  • Advising on claiming deductions and exemptions including Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) benefits and obtaining Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) for UAE Residents,
  • Linking aadhar(if any), pre-validating bank account to ease the process of refund and pre-validating demat account,
  • Filing regular return of income, revised return of income, return in response to reassessment notice and return in response to defective return notice electronically along with its e-verification,
  • Tracking on the status of ITR and refund.

    Assessment and appeals

  • Review of summary assessment order u/s. 143(1) for ITR filed,
  • Filing of rectification u/s. 54 against assessment order,
  • Advising on preparation and presentation before assessing officer for scrutiny assessment or reassessment,
  • Filing an appeal before commissioner of income tax(appeal) ,
  • Advising, preparation and presentation for stay of demand and penalty proceedings,
  • Advising on preparation and presentation before Commission of income tax.

    Various notices from Income Tax department and other compliance

  • Advising on validity of notice,
  • Representing and responding to such notice till CIT Appeals level,
  • Advising and submitting response through compliance portal for required compliances,
  • Refund re-issue request in case of refund failure,

    Repatriation or conversion of NRO Funds to NRE or outside India

  • FEMA advisory on how to repatriate / convert non repatriable funds to NRE or outside India,
  • Preparing case for submission to bank along with necessary documents and necessary coordination / follow ups and
  • Filing form 15CA and issue form 15CB.

    Obtaining Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) for UAE Residents,

  • Advising on claiming Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) benefits
  • Advising and assisting on documentation and eligibility for obtaining TRC and
  • Applying for TRC and tracking its status,